SquareOne - 2018


SquareOne is a real-time animated interactive projection mural on display in one of Downtown Las Vegas’ finest and most exclusive galleries… my new apartment.

Built originally to further explore methods for creating and transforming perceived 3D forms on 2D canvasses, SquareOne also took on the ability for interactivity.

Viewers (::ahem:: house guests) are able to augment the lighting, color, and displacement of the shattered outline on the wall using projections and an iPad.

The base outline itself is made from strands of meticulously placed and trimmed gaff tape.

The real-time projections are generated in Notch and controlled via TouchOSC on an iPad.

Documentation Video by Rosemary Fajardo


Here are some videos that documented the process:

WORM HOLE Installation - 2017

Worm Hole room installation, curated by Meow Wolf for the Life Is Beautiful Festival Art Motel, Sept 22-24, 2017, in Downtown Las Vegas, NV.



Animation: Brett Bolton
Audio: Benton Corder
Fabrication: onefortythree
Sculpture: Miguel Rodriguez
Design: Spencer Olsen
Design: Eric Vozzola

Photo: Alan Penney

Still On Music Video / Interactive Installation - 2015

This is a music video made by strangers in an interactive installation called CPU Dance Studio. The song is called "Still On" and all AV was created by Kitze + the CPUs.

One weekend in September, 2015, a bunch of brave friends and strangers took automated “dance lessons” from a computer at Space_145 art gallery in Las Vegas.

After pressing a blue arcade button in the middle of the room, each user was greeted by a friendly CPU dance instructor who appeared on the screen in front of them. The CPU gave them one task: follow along with the the robot instructor on the screen. As users went through their dance lesson, the room lights dimmed and the wall behind them (including the user’s body) filled with projected visuals.

All of these lessons were video recorded and then stitched together to create a music video composed of a bunch of strangers dancing in sync… all being covered by, and interacting with, synchronized projected visuals.

All visuals are projections captured in camera.

For more info on the process and tools used to make this video, check out my post here:

Chromazone Collaboration - 2016

This is a multimedia installation I worked on with Spencer Olsen and Eric Vozzola.

Eric and Spencer created the awesome 2D art on the walls and added the 3D shape in the corner where the walls meet. I created a 3D model of their work based off of a photo, made some animations for color and lighting effects, and then projection mapped those animations back onto their piece. Fun!

Credit for this video: Spencer Olsen
Credit for the music mix: The Rabbit Hole

Thanks to [N]Site Studios and Spark LV for having us

Velveteen Rabbit's Burnt wall installation - 2014

Interactive Projection Installation on a Burnt Wall, projection, 9' x 15', 2014

A building burned down in an electrical fire. The new owners of this space (which would become Velveteen Rabbit) decided to rebuild, leave some of the more interesting burn marks on one portion of the wall, and commission me to make a permanent installation. I took photos of the burn marks, manipulated them in multiple pieces of software, and projection mapped the resulting videos back onto the original wall. This layering makes for some really interesting and mesmerizing results.

To invite viewers to stand next to the wall and be a part of the experience, I made this installation interactive with an Xbox Kinect and custom built AV system. Any time someone steps in front of the wall, their body is outlined and followed with projected light. Body movements will also generate floaty particles, unveil secret wallpapers and textures, or create a special "ghost friend" who follows people around and copies their actions.

This installation uses technology and human interactivity to breath new life into an environment that would normally be demolished and regarded as ugly.

Go see it in action and get an awesome cocktail at Velveteen Rabbit in Las Vegas.