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Cool Triangles Bro! (a DIY projection mapping surface that loves music)

This is a 4-layered, 5' x 5' foam surface that I made in a weekend to test out some music-based mapping and mask triggering ideas.   It features an 8 x 8  grid of triangles that are perfect for syncing and reacting to music (this was originally inspired by beat sequencers).

Each triangle mask is connected to a MIDI signal.   Sequences of MIDI notes are programmed with my Novation LaunchPad (luckily an 8 x 8 grid as well) and then triggered live to make for some fun music-driven patterns. I have it set up to auto sync patterns with a midi clock or trigger patterns in real time, finger drumming style (my most-fun option).

Built originally as just an experiment, this guy has become one of my favorite surfaces for VJ sets.

Thanks to good ol' Home Depot for the foam, the cool guys at my first VJ set who named this thing without realizing it, and the model airplane geeks on YouTube for teaching me how to make a DIY hot wire foam cutter.

Better videos of it in use are coming soon.

Without Projections:


MIDI Feedback Test:

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